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:: 8 Rookie Mistakes To Avoid When Starting A Small Business

Enthusiasm—it can be both a blessing and a curse for new entrepreneurs. Passion for your business can fuel your success, but it can also drive you to operational and financial ruin if you do not take the time to think decisions through.

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:: Ideas for Women Looking to Start a Small Business

Brainstorming ideas for a small business can be a fun yet frustrating experience. It requires a serious analysis of areas of expertise and interests, and consideration of where those areas intersect in such a way that can make a business viable.

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:: Is the Honeymoon Over? 6 Ways to Fall in Love Again With Your Small Business

Starting a business is a bit like falling in love for the first time: it is exciting, exhilarating, and new. You want to savor each moment and be your very best every minute of every day.

After the adrenaline rush subsides, however, reality sets in and you may discover that not everything about running a business is so wonderful. There will be tasks you don’t like to do, activities you find stale and boring, technical difficulties to test your patience, and clients and vendors who might challenge you.

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:: Why Small Businesses Are Getting LinkedIn Wrong

How can a small company make the most of LinkedIn?

The social network is an inescapable part of online life for working professionals. But much of the advice on how to leverage it is targeted at big names. Over and over, I see small businesses making mistakes on LinkedIn because they are patterning their strategies after approaches that work for larger companies with huge budgets, lots of brand awareness and extensive social-media systems.

With that in mind, here are tips on how small businesses can use LinkedIn.

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:: 7 things small businesses need to know about Windows 10

Earlier this month, Microsoft announced that more than 200 million devices (PCs, phones and tablets) were now running Windows 10. Many of those 200 million devices belong to business users, who upgraded to Windows 10 (in many cases for free).

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:: 7 Insane Website Updates That Will Grow Your Sales

Technology can be a powerful driver of business growth. There are seemingly endless areas where you can invest your time and effort.

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:: 6 Ways Good Documentation Can Save Your Small Business Money

If you are like most small business owners, you spend a lot of your time researching ways to save money. After all, running a business can quickly break the bank. There are office supplies to buy, employees to pay, and software to purchase and install, among many other things.

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:: Three Cash Flow Musts That Your Small Business Needs to Make

Cash flow is a common concern among many small business owners, with many business models dependent on incoming cash flow at various, often unpredictable times a year versus a steady flow of income. Sound familiar to you, by chance? If you are among the thousands of businesses that are not sure when your next paycheck will come in, pay attention.

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:: The 20 Best Entrepreneurial Stories of 2015

These founders embody the reasons so many Americans are drawn to entrepreneurship: passion, purpose, fulfillment, and financial success. This year they all shared with Inc. readers the secrets to how they did it.  

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:: Why a $12 Billion Tax Break for Small Businesses Is So Controversial

Generally speaking, it allows small business owners to write off up to $500,000 worth of qualified expenses in the year they are made, up to $2 million, rather than amortizing them over a period of years. In addition to spurring immediate spending, which benefits the economy, the deduction theoretically frees up cash that business owners can use to grow their businesses.

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:: 4 Things Every Small Business Owner Should Know About Taxes

Blood pressures are rising at many small businesses now that tax season is underway.

Although many owners hire accountants and attorneys to complete their income tax returns, taxes are a hassle. In a survey released last year by the advocacy group National Small Business Association, nearly 60 percent of the owners surveyed said the administrative burdens were the biggest problems posed by federal taxes. And 85 percent of the more than 675 owners said they relied on a professional to prepare their returns.

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:: Small Business Trends In 2016 Mean Greater Cybersecurity

With the economy in a recession, business growth is more necessary than ever in order for businesses to survive. Since most businesses are small businesses, it is important to understand the latest small business trends and then use those trends to grow. The current projections for small business is that they will continue to grow throughout 2016.

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:: 11 Financial Fundamentals Every Small Business CEO Must Know

Regardless of the size of the business, ultimate responsibility for success lies with the CEO. If you’re a small business owner, thats you. And the most critical CEO tasks that result in success or failure lie in the knowledge and practice of financial management fundamentals.

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:: 10 Rules for Small Business Success

These rules are keys to small business success. Ignore these rules at your peril: I have seen many new entrepreneurs fail because they ignored one or more of these business basics.

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