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:: Problem Reviews

Shareware Promotions has an interesting blog post in their Software Marketing section, the post discusses reviews.

All of us are most likely familiar with product reviews, as debatable as it is whether or not they are useful. However, most of us agree that we dislike reviews that rip our product to shreds, and like the ones which praise them.

Read the full Software Marketing post.

:: Twitters Value?

The micro-blogging social media phenomenon called Twitter is raising cash via one or more venture capital firms that places the companys value at $250 million.

I just do not get it, Twitter does not make ANY money.... how can it be worth $250 million.

:: Resource for Webmasters

Check out this resource for online marketers. Webmaster Elements contains everything from: SEO Blog List to Do Follow Forum Lists and Webmaster Scripts. Lots of great resources in a single niche directory.

:: Blog Reviews

2 Create a Website will review blogs. Simply send an email request in order to be considered.

:: Huge List of RSS Tools

Check out this categorized list of RSS tools. This is a great collection of RSS tools.

:: Software Industry Conference Call for Speakers

The 2009 Call for Speakers for the Software Industry Conference scheduled for Boston, MA July 16-18, 2009 has been posted. The sessions cover a wide variety of marketing topics from AdWords avertising to Advanced Search Engine Optimization. If you are interested in speaking submit an abstract for the Software Industry Cofnerence.

:: Where Do You Find Content for Podcasts?

You should not have to look far to find content or new ideas for your podcast show. Look to your daily sources to find fodder and ideas for new podcasting segments.

Where do you find content for podcasts?

:: Press Release Submissions

In addition to sending out press releases to editors via email, they can also be posted to many free press release sites. We found this list of Press Submission Sites that had quite a few! Hopefully others will find it helpful.

:: Get Ready for Valentines Day

In the winter cold are you looking for something to warm you up? Consider adding Valentine Logos or Valentines Web Template to your website for the approaching holiday!

:: Cool New Tool

Exact Factor is a new Internet tool.  Exact Factor will check your site position in search engines and compare the ranking to competitors.

:: 2009 Marketing Resolutions

I have a plan for marketing that I intend to take forward. If I become distracted I can always take a look back and refocus my efforts where they need to be.

2009 Marketing Resolutions

:: Update Copyrights and Prune Feeds

New Years is a great time to update and refresh the copyright notices on your website. Additionally, take a few moments to clean up your RSS feeds by pruning them and trimming old items from the feeds.

:: Search Engine Optimization Resolutions

Search engine optimization is a process, one that must always be revisited and adapted as search algorithms are changed by the search engines. Because SEO is a constant process, it is often pushed to the bottom of the to do list of marketers. Be that as it may, resolve not to ignore search engine optimization as it cycles its way through your task list. Give search engine optimization the attention that it deserves.

Search Engine Optimization Resolutions

:: Updated Article List

For a number of years we have been publishing articles for small businesses, the articles are available for syndication and can be found in the Free Website Content section of our website. Hopefully the new format of the article list will load quicker and make articles easier to find.

:: What is Hot What is Not 2009

Based on this years reflections, I have made some predictions for 2009.

Top 10 Winners for 2009

1. Personal Responsibility
2. Financial Diversification
3. Mobile Malware
4. Weight Loss
5. Going Green
6. Social
7. Cloud Computing
8. Virtual Collaboration
9. Video
10. RSS

Top 10 Losers for 2009

1. Global Economy
2. Republicans and Conservatives
3. Hollywood
4. China
5. Somali Pirates
6. Financial Services Industry
7. Corrupted Politicians
8. Security or Securities
9. Outsourcing
10. Gasoline

Details of 2009 What is Hot and What is Not

Or take a look back in time and compare the list to the last few years What is Hot and What is Not Lists
2008 What is Hot What is Not List
2007 What is Hot What is Not List

:: Reflections for 2008, Predictions for 2009

2008 was a year filled with great triumphs and a year scarred by deep sorrow. What 2008 was not, was a peaceful year, and whether the world is a better place, for having endured is unclear.

Russia's invasion of Georgia has chilled Russia's relations with the West, a resurgence of the Cold War may be on the horizon. The Tibetan monk's protests being crushed in the streets demonstrate that freedom of speech, is not a God given right for all. The continued unrest in Middle East is no longer news, but simply part of daily life in the region.

Close calls with Hurricane Gustav in New Orleans and the water lapping at the edge of overburdened levies caused concern that the lessons of Katrina have still not yet been fully learned. The heartbreaking destruction of Hurricane Ike in Galveston and the Texas coast shows that while the US has made progress, she is still no match for mother nature. Nature's wrath still wields a heavy hand. As horrific as the despair in Galveston, it paled in comparison to the cyclone that hit Burma/Mynamar, taking the lives of more than 100,000 people in the region. China, widely thought to be a rising world power, was no match for the 8.0 earthquake that collapsed buildings like tinker toys.

Through leadership change, we often see policy change. Unfortunately Fidel Castro's retirement in 2008 did nothing to free Cuba from the constrains of dictatorship with Raul Castro stepping into the leadership role on the tiny island.

Reflections for 2008 and Predictions for 2009

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