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:: Sites That Will Make Your Day

Over the last few years the microISV industry has started seeing a new way to sell their software - deal of the day sites. These sites work basically the same: entice impulse shoppers with a hefty discount on one or two products a day.

But do these sites work? Are customers okay with one day sales? And should you as a microISV associate with a software discounter?

Judging by the first-hand reports posted by microISV founders at the Business of Software forum, the answers are yes, yes and yes!

More on Sites That Will Make Your Day

:: What is Your Websites Sale Purpose

When designing a website, it is important that webmasters ask some general questions before they begin the design process...

Website Sales Purpose

:: Web Design Elements

Web Design Elements is designed specifically for small businesses, each CD contains a themed collection of web templates, layouts, images, logos, and photographs all related to a central theme. CDs are perfect for small businesses, needing to create a website, or promotional materials. CD collections include:

Flower Themes for florists, gardeners or landscapers.
Equestrian Themes for riding stables, horse shows, and barns.
Dating Themes for online dating or other matchmaking services.
Nature Collection for nature lovers, or scenic personal websites.
Nautical Theme for fishing companies, charter services or marinas.
Sunrise and Sunset Themes for travel companies.

:: Web Log Analysis

Everyone who understands Internet Marketing will tell you to analyze your web logs... but what does that really mean? What particular things should you pay attention to when analyzing your web logs?

Web Log Analysis

:: Economic News Hits Computer Hardware but Not Software

With fears of a U.S. recession bearing down on technology companies, the sectors safest bets appear to be in business software, while makers of computers and consumer gadgets look vulnerable.

complete article

:: Order Flowers and Get Software for Free!

Here is an interesting business marketing idea. Send flowers from FTD and get a full, free license to your preferred software.
Order Flowers and Get Software for Free

:: Avoid These Common Web Mistakes

Webmasters need to avoid making these common web design mistakes. Website visitors who have a pleasant experience on a website are more likely to trust the website, and as such they are more likely to purchase products from that website. Use the following guide to avoid some of the more common web design mistakes...

Avoid These Common Web Mistakes

:: Increase Productivity

Direct Access is a powerful speed typing software to create global text templates, available in any application, and define your abbreviation list only once. You just type the abbreviation and Direct Access automatically expands it into the full phrase for you. With Direct Access, any piece of information is always available just by typing a few keystrokes.

:: ROMM - The Basics of Search Engine Optimization

The formula for webmasters looking for success with the search engines is ROMM (Research, Optimize, Monitor, and Maintain). Here are some helpful tips and details about each portion of the ROMM concept...

ROMM - The Basics of SEO

:: Automation Software

Macro Scheduler Software discounted 45% for only 24 hours.

Create scripts and record macros to automate and control your Windows applications, automate software processes and assign tasks to schedules, desktop shortcuts or hotkeys. Perform complex tasks with a single mouse click, or schedule your computer to perform tasks while you are away.

The powerful Macro Recorder makes it easy to create macros even if you have no programming experience. If you can do it, Macro Scheduler can automate it.

:: Web Design Questions and Answers

How much do you know about web design? Take this web design quiz to find out how much you know about web design...

Web Design Questions and Answers

:: Small Business Logos

Great collection of small business logos.  Select industry specific or generic business logos for global or local commerce. Reasonably priced (only $9.95)

:: Women Owned Businesses

Women start their own business at twice the rate of men. It shows initiative, creativity, courage and intelligence for these women venturing out on their own away from corporate America. One very startling statistic about women business owners - 3% of all women-owned firms have revenues of $1 million or more compared with 6% of men-owned firms according to the Center for Womens Business Research that means that women are starting their own business at twice the rate of men yet twice as many men owned business’ reach a million dollars in revenue.

:: 37 Small Business Ideas

If you are stuck trying to think of a small business to start, first start by thinking about what you love to do. Here you’ll find a list of 37 small business ideasthat work around things that you love to do!

:: RSS Feed Guidelines

The arguments continue to rage over the ambiguities in the RSS specifications. But the fact is: RSS is here to stay, and the current defined RSS 2.0 specification is likely going to be as good as it is going to get.

RSS Feed Guidelines

:: Some Small Businesses Are Thriving

Despite Weak U.S. Dollar, Skyrocketing Oil Prices, Ballooning Inflation, and Looming Recession, U.S. Companies Not Only Survive

As the U.S. economy continues to tumble amidst a variable cyclone of negativity ranging from a weak U.S. dollar, high oil prices, rising inflation, a plummeting stock market, housing market fiascos and political uncertainty -- many small businesses and larger corporations are finding financial relief in automation software. By implementing Windows automation tools such as MJT Nets Macro Scheduler , many U.S. companies have been able to combat rising costs and falling sales by increasing efficiency while substantially boosting productivity and becoming more competitive. Racing to adopt new technology, many U.S. companies are saving both time and money -- enabling them to not only survive -- but thrive.

complete details!

:: Delicious Bookmarks In Yahoo

Interesting post about Yahoo, possibly using Delicious (social bookmarks) in their search results.

I just got word that Yahoo is testing the integration of Delicious user generated bookmarks into Yahoo search results pages (Yahoo acquired Delicious in late 2005). Some users will see the Delicious icon as part of their normal search results, which tells them how many people have bookmarked those pages, as well as the tags people have supplied for those pages.

:: Software Deal of the Day

Discounted software every day! Each day a popular application is significantly discounted for only 24 hours. The new Software Deal of the Day website also has a number of 2nd chance discount offers that are available to website visitors who miss the deal of the day. Second chance offers are still discounted but not as steeply. Subscribe to the Software Deal of the Day RSS feed and be instantly aware of what applications are available, or syndicate the daily specials on your website, free of charge!

RSS Feed -

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