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:: Sample Business Letters

Collection of sample business letters.

:: Cell Phone Etiquette

Todays society is all about being connected 24/7. Cell phones now provide instant access to anyone and everyone, from corporate executives to housewives and children alike. While cellular connectivity is a comfort to some, it can be rude and disruptive to others. You may wish to be available at all times, but there are some times when it is simply not appropriate to use your cell phone.

Also, cell phones should not be treated as status symbols, and should not be paraded out simply to impress others. Regardless of how new and impressive your cell phone may be, dragging it out in a public setting is seldom going to win you any fans.

Follow these simple cell phone guidelines to strike a balance between accessibility and consideration for others...

Cellular Phone Etiquette

:: Green Business Awareness

More and more companies are taking steps to be more environmentally friendly.

Environmental activists are taking to the Internet in a new bid to help save the worlds rainforests with the help of major corporations including Starbucks Corp and Dell Inc.

Campaigners plan to announce on Monday the formation of Team Earth, a social network that includes businesses, nongovernmental organizations, students and politicians with the hope of battling tropical deforestation.

While still other companies are posting Green Company policies and how they take steps to protect the environment.

:: Where Did Our New Logo Come From?

Seems people love our new logo! The new small business software logo came from Logo Search, they have great reasonably priced logos for ony $ 9.95.

:: New Look and New Logo for Small Business Software

You may have noticed we updated our look and added a new logo to the Small Business Software website. The look was becoming a bit dated. Look for additional changes in the near future!

:: Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is the recognition of a specific brand name or logo, along with the traits associated with that brand. It is difficult to benefit from having a brand unless consumers are aware of the brand and the traits associated with it.

Brand Awareness

:: How Much is Your Identity Worth?

Symantec has unveiled a new tool that gathers some basic information about you and the links between your financial information and the Internet, then calculates what the value of your identity would be on the black market. The value it comes up with is sobering at best.

complete article

:: Never Forget September 11th


:: Increase RSS Feed Subscribers

Growing subscribers of your RSS feed will expand your reach. Put the appropriate effort into marketing your RSS feed, so you can increase adoption and spread the message contained in the RSS feed.

Increase RSS Feed Subscribers

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:: Blog Regulation

A recent article in Search Engine News details how the Federal Trade Commission, also affectionately known as the FTC wants to mandate federal guidelines on any paid reviews posted on blogs. Once this goes through bloggers will have to follow the same standards as traditional advertisers. If you are a profiting through blogs or Twitter you are at risk.

:: Increase Conversion Rate

Your web marketing efforts will struggle endlessly if your website is not effective in converting visitors to your desired goals. Whether that goal is for your visitors to make a purchase, complete a lead form, sign-up for an email list, make a phone call, or conduct another measure of engagement, a compelling website is a key success factor to properly leverage the visitors your marketing campaigns are working so hard to obtain.

Improve Conversion Rates

:: Green Business Tips

Businesses that are going green are becoming more and more commonplace. Regardless of your political beliefs or opinions regarding the global warming concept, few can argue that being environmentally aware will leave the world a better place. Whether a company is simply jumping on the green bandwagon, or are honestly sensitive about environmental issues is really irrelevant. Consumers like green businesses, and shaping your business to promote being eco-friendly makes sense from a public relations standpoint.

Green Business Tips

:: Presentation Primer

Many individuals are called upon to give presentations, but many have no formal instruction on how to deliver the most effective presentations. So for the benefit of those who might need a bit of help, we have put together a primer for presenters...

1. Attire
You should always dress professionally, even if the event is somewhat informal in nature, and always dress in a way that does not distract or detract from your presentation.

2. Test The Equipment
If your presentation involves using any equipment, such as a microphone, computer, screen projector, laser pointer, etc, be sure to test any and all of the equipment prior to the beginning of your presentation. It is unprofessional, not to mention frustrating and distracting, to have to wrestle with equipment problems in front of a waiting audience. Try to identify and resolve any technical issues and problems before the presentation is scheduled to begin.

Presentation Primer

:: Compare Old Google to Google Caffeine

This is a comparison site that shows the old Google results beside the Google Caffeine results. It is a nice comparison site.

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