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:: Free Shipping is a Great Lure

A business study the other day showed that more than 60% of shoppers are lured by offers of FREE Shipping. The cyber specials are all offering deep discounts and even software companies are offering free shipping. Both NotePage, Inc. and FeedForAll offer free shipping on all orders that include media!

NotePage offers SMS messaging software solutions and FeedForAll has RSS feed creation and editing software. Buy from either and get the media shipped FREE of charge.

:: Thanksgiving CD ROM

Thanksgiving CD ROM for Web Designers. The CD includes: Thanksgiving Logos, Thanksgiving Stock Photos, Thanksgiving Web Templates.


:: Good Things to Social Bookmark

It can be tricky to predict what content will perform well on social bookmarking websites. The interests of our democratic populace are widespread and constantly changing. Webpages, podcasts, and images which are deemed more newsworthy, humorous, or intriguing often steal the spotlight. Knowing how to present content on social bookmarking websites can help internet marketers stand out.

Good Things to Social Bookmark

:: Thanksgiving Branding

Add a Thanksgiving logo to your website to celebrate the impending holiday.

:: Great Explanation of Custom 404 Pages

Encountering 404 errors is not new. Often, developers provide custom 404 pages to make the experience a little less frustrating. However, for a custom 404 page to be truly useful, it should not only provide relevant information to the user, but should also provide immediate feedback to the developer so that, when possible, the problem can be fixed.

Custom 404 Pages

:: Internet Start Ups Ripe

Digg founder Kevin Rose on Friday shined light on a stormy economic landscape, saying the climate is right for launching Internet startups.

Difficulty getting financing means fewer competitors entering the market and that there will be more media attention focused on young technology firms, Rose told those gathered at a Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco.

complete article

:: Viral Conversations

A new service, Viral Conversations is available. The idea behind Viral Conversations is putting business owners who have a product or service, in touch with bloggers who are interested in reviewing it. The difference between this website and other website review services is Viral Conversations only deals with real world tangible products.

It is an interesting way to drum up buzz about your products.

:: Effective Podcasting Tips

The planning and work that takes place before and after a podcast is an important part for a professional show. Do not neglect preparation or post-show production tasks.

Effective Podcast Tips

:: Security Port

Stay updated on important security issues with the Security Blog on Security Port.

:: Google Indexing Scanned PDFs

Google has rarely included scanned documents in its search results because it had no way to determine the nature of the content, but that's about to change. The search engine giant says it will use optical character recognition software to make it possible for Web surfers to search any Web-hosted document stored in the PDF file format developed by Adobe Systems.

Google is using the technology to convert scanned documents into equivalent text files that can be searched, indexed and returned as responses to Google search queries.

complete article

:: Technology and the Influence on Politics

It will be really interesting to see how much of an impact technology will have on the outcome of this years US Presidential Election. A number of articles have been written that discuss technology in politics. Any predictions?

:: Halloween Has Become a Business!

Not only can you purchase Halloween costumes and decorations, you can brand your business for the holidays, you can spice up marketing materials with Halloween photos or you can put together a scarey PowerPoint Presentation with these Halloween PowerPoint Templates.

:: Halloween Web Elements - Put Your Business in the Holiday Mood!

Halloween Web Elements - includes HTML Templates, logos, and royalty free stock photos all related to Halloween.

:: Industry Code of Ethics Online

An Internet industry code of ethics intended to safeguard online freedom of speech around the world is to be adopted this week by technology titans including Google, Yahoo and Microsoft.

The code of ethics is a voluntary framework to help protect people who express opinions online in countries such as China, where talk of democracy or criticism of the Communist government is treated as criminal behavior.

Yahoo launched the talks with industry partners, academics, human rights groups and investors to promote a code of behavior for global technology and communication companies operating in challenging markets.

:: ABCs of Search Engine Optimization

Use the alphabet to figure out Search Engine Optimization.

ABCs of Search Engine Optimization

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