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:: Buy, Sell and Value a Website

Determining the value of a website can be tricky, because a number of factors can play a role. Factors involved in determining the resale value of a website include...

Buy, Sell, and Value a Website

:: Small Businesses with Positive Attitudes

Successful small businesses come in all sizes and specialties, but their leaders all share one essential attribute: positive, can-do attitudes that transcend everything they do.

Believing in yourself and your ability to succeed does more than simply sustain you through the challenges of getting your business started.

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:: SBA Cracks Down on Small Businesses

The head of the Small Business Administration today said the agency has cracked down on companies posing as if they were owned by service-disabled veterans, a scheme uncovered by a recent investigation.

The Government Accountability Office exposed fraud in several of SBAs small-business programs, including the program that sets aside contracts for small companies owned by service-disabled veterans.

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:: How to Attract Small Business Investors

Applying for venture capital is not quite as informal as the ABC TV show Shark Tank would have you believe. Before you have the opportunity to present your idea or invention to the sharks, paperwork filing, business-plan writing and demographic analysis must be conducted. Many of these firms receive up to 5,000 business plans per year, all competing against your business plan for funding consideration. Only 10% of these plans are seriously considered, and 1-2% are actually picked up and funded. And this process can often take years.

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:: Economic Survey Shows Small Business Owners Have Deep Uncertainty

Small business owners may be feeling the pinch of recession more than any other type, according to a recent report released by National Federation of Independent Business. The optimism has been among all time low at 86.8 compared to 88, last February. Taking into account that the confidence index has not raised past 90 for last eighteen months, experts suggest that small businesses are still facing credit crunch, decrease sales and dwindling profits even when the payroll or household survey have indicated, otherwise.

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:: Lists for Webmasters and Marketers

Here are some lists of lists that will be useful to webmasters:

72 Free Press Release Submission Sites
Free Places to Submit RSS Feeds
RSS Tools
Podcasting Tools

:: Get Ready for Earth Day!

If you are interested in celebrating Earth Day or promoting an eco-friendly future consider some of these environmental items.

Eco Friendly Products!

:: 15 Important Web Design Tips

Here are 15 important website design tips that you might not be aware of or have overlooked. Consider taking advantage of them if you have not already done so..

15 Important Web Design Tips

:: Google Frustrations

Google has recently shut down Google Merchant accounts of manufacturers. They say that manufacturers can be listed through their marketplaces now, but if a manufacturer or small business sells direct they may be shut out of Googles popular product database. This shift in philosphy gives a boost to resellers, and affiliates but could really hurt small Internet businesses.

The email the send out, when queried is included below:

As of September 3rd 2009, individual sellers on marketplaces no longer need to submit items to Google Product Search. Going forward, marketplaces will be responsible for submitting a feed of all their sellers' items, so we have retired your account in order to avoid duplicate entries on Product Search. Your marketplace will also be responsible for ensuring that your feeds are up-to-date and compliant with our policies.

In most cases, marketplaces already submit feeds of their sellers items. If you have any further questions about your items or Google Product Search, please contact your marketplace. We look forward to continuing to display your products, and hope you enjoy the new streamlined submission process.

Keep in mind these newly disabled Google Merchant feeds have been in place and in effect for months. Arghhh Google is so frustrating!

:: Inexpensive Business Logos

Looking for innovative business logos that are incredibly inexpensive.  If you are looking to develop a brand or business identity consider starting at Logo Search.

:: Yahoo Publisher Network Being Shut Down

Yahoo plans to close a beta advertising service through which small online publishers, such as individual bloggers, signed up to carry ads sold and distributed by the company in exchange for a commission.
The service, called Yahoo Publisher Network Beta, provides pay-per-click text ads that are contextually relevant to the Web pages of participating publishers in which they appear

:: Protecting Your Reputation Online

Google is sometimes thought to be the bane of the Internet, and it certainly can be a thorn in the side of search engine marketers. Many fail to look beyond the search of today, toward what the implications of indexing and storing information will have on future generations.

Protecting Your Reputation Online

:: Questions About Podcasting

Podcasting is an up-and-coming and increasingly popular medium for communication. The following are common questions about podcasting, perfect for those just getting started in podcasting as a communication channel...

What Format Should I Record To?
While other formats are supported, MP3 is by far the most common format used for audio podcasts. Unless there is a specific and compelling reason to use a different format, you should stick with MP3 files for audio podcasts.

Questions About Podcasting

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