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:: Top RSS Do's and Don'ts

RSS is not quite a household word, but technical astute individuals are adopting the use of RSS feeds at an alarming rate. If you are interested in jumping on the bandwagon, but not quite sure of where to start, consider following these simple RSS feed tips to maximize feed compatibility and make your feed stand out from the crowd.

RSS Do's and Don'ts

:: My Google Wish List

There are a number of "wishes" that I have for Google's future. While I would like number one ranking for all of my important keywords and phrases, but I would be willing to settle for Google acknowledging at least a few of my wishes that will benefit the search community as a whole.

My Google Wish List

:: IBM Sues Amazon

IBM has targeted with two patent infringement lawsuits filed Monday, claiming that the online retail giant is willfully exploiting a number of its patents.

The patents deal with intellectual property issues ranging from advertising to hyperlink technology to electronic catalogs. Financial information concerning the magnitude of the damages was not disclosed.

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:: The Internet is a Small Business Way of Life

The Internet has become more than just a critical tool for small businesses — for some owners, it's a way of life.

A reporter's very informal survey of several small business owners found that some of the most useful sites include those that help them network with other entrepreneurs. They also favor sites that help their companies communicate, either internally or with other businesses, or that help get tasks like teleconferencing done, sometimes at low or no cost.

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:: Net Addiction

More than one in eight adults in the US show signs of being addicted to the internet, a study has shown.

"Addicts" showed signs of compulsive internet use, habitually checking e-mail, websites and chat rooms.

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:: Writely is Now Google Docs

Google has merged their online spread sheet and Writely, their online word processor into a single platform. The interface has been cleaned up. The printing functions a little better and all in all the changes are positive.

:: According to the Business Blog

According to the Business Blog:

Nearly two thirds of adults intend to do their holiday shopping online this year. Take a tip from the major eTailers’ marketing playbook:-blogs, RSS feeds and viral marketing are what you need to drive all those eager online shoppers to your site.

Nearly half, 41.6 percent, of retailers will incorporate blogs or RSS feeds into their holiday marketing strategy, and 79.5 percent will use viral marketing at social networking sites, like MySpace and Friendster, says the 2006 eHoliday Mood Survey released Wednesday. The study was conducted by BizRate Research for Shopzilla and

Now is the time to prepare and setup a feed!

:: Database Management and RSS

Do you have data in a database that would benefit from RSS feed distribution? Use the new SQL2RSS script to extract the data in the database and form RSS feed. This will allow businesses to build feeds from existing information in minutes.

:: SearchMash

This is supposedly a new Google website - SearchMash is a search engine (at least according to the privacy policy). While SearchMash claims its new and different it is not yet clear what those differences are.

:: Social Search with an Incentive

Netflix offered a million dollars for a computer program that accurately predicts which films people will rent from its online service!

Netflix bills itself as the world's largest Internet movie rental service and said it was intent on better knowing what films people would pick from its virtual shelves.Netflix challenged software developers to come up with a program that beats Cinematch predictions by at least 10 percent. The first person or team to do so would win.

Contestants would get to work with 100 million anonymous rental ratings from members. The winning approach would be made public so academics, businesses and researchers could use it as a tool to better match people's tastes to products or services, Netflix said.

:: Webmaster Tips and Tricks

According to Matt Cutts, there are over 100 factors that affect search engine ranking. For those of you who don't know, Matt is a Google guy guru, he is employed by Google but writes an independent blog and shares information related to Google and search engine optimization. Unfortunately, of those 100 items that account for search engine ranking, there are only a few that webmasters can actually control.

Webmaster Tips

:: Social Bookmark Creator

Create a variety of social bookmarks there are two options, create a list of icons or a drop down menu of social bookmarks.

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