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:: Create Professional RSS Feeds

More and more companies are using RSS as a means to communicate, so having an RSS feed that is professional and well polished will help differentiate your company from your competition. What makes an RSS feed professional? Follow these simple steps to polish your RSS feed and take it to the next level...

Create Professional RSS Feeds

:: Rumors About Google and Skype

TechWeb is reporting rumors that Google is talking to Skype about an acquisition.

The rumor that Google might acquire Skype was started Monday in a blog on the U.K.s respected Guardian and since then, the report has taken on a life of its own at investment firms.

Like many Google rumors there is no solid basis for any such speculation (remember the Google phone?). But it persists because there are some logical reasons for the two companies to establish a deeper relationship.

:: StupidFilter

Software tackles stupid forum postings.

The software will sit on the server side of a website and examine new postings for signs that the contributor is not making sense. These might include repeat letters (ex. amazinggggg) and text-speak such as LOL (for 'laughs out loud').

complete article

:: Price Irregularities May Lead to Website Closures

Over half of Europes airlines including Ryanair could be forced to close their Web sites next year if they fail to remedy problems shown by the EU consumer affairs watchdog in a probe carried out in September.

The results of the investigation to be published on Wednesday and obtained by Reuters says over 50 percent of all Web sites showed irregularities, in particular relating to price indications, contract terms and clarity of proposed conditions.

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:: Free Web Marketing Tips

Not all web marketing needs to cost money. Aside from website submissions, there are a number of things that web marketers can do that are free, though they may be rather time-consuming. Other marketing tactics are relatively inexpensive, and are often well worth the investment.

Follow these basic steps to market your website and business.

:: Ramp Up Content Overtime

1. Adding gradual content over time is best. One article per week is ideal.

2. Syndicate your content using the author resource box for links back.

3. Place your articles in an RSS feed on your site with a link back to the full article in the Description field. If someone syndicates the feed and doesn't automatically link back to the full content, the link is still included. Don't include the full article in the feed, just teaser copy.

4. Re-submit the feed to RSS/search engines and directories after you syndicate your article.

5. You can manually post articles to a handful of key sites that aren't automated. You can email out using GroupMail to the common article listservs. You can also submit your article to a group of ezine editors that write for your market. Do this once a week.

6. When an author reprints and lets me know, I visit the site to ensure that the links are live in the author resource box. I then email the author, thanking them and telling them about additional articles they might find interesting. Sharon uses a macro set up TypePilot for her responses.

7. Your best articles are timeless or explain how to do things. Controversial topics are hit or miss.

8. Titles are critical. You must use keywords and capture the attention of editors and publishers.

Ramping Up Content Overtime

:: RSS Helps Information Overload

As employees struggle to read an increasing amount of work-related material, some companies have turned to RSS technology to improve productivity.

With RSS servers and readers designed for workplaces, IT departments set up internal information feeds that employees can subscribe to, a delivery mechanism that, for some information, can be more precise and effective than e-mail.

complete article

:: Microsoft and Piracy

Microsoft took another incremental step in its long-standing anti-piracy program this week when it filed lawsuits against 20 vendors in 13 states for allegedly selling pirated copies of its software.

The company also launched a new educational site, to help teach buyers tell the difference between legitimate and counterfeit or pirated software.

:: Business Card Tips

Networking is an invaluable opportunity, and one that should not be wasted. In order to maximize networking, it is strongly suggested that all business professionals carry business cards. The business cards can be exchanged during introductions, both as a convenience and as a memory aid. In other words, business cards allow networkers to further the relationship through future contact.

Business cards may include one or more aspects of striking visual design, but should also contain important contact information.

Business Card Tips

:: Politics and the Internet

Can, and will, the next generation of politicians exploit the communication mediums available to them? Will the new communication mediums have the power to influence public opinion? Will politicians be the victims of technology, or will they use it to their benefit? Will one party benefit from the use of the technology more than another? All reasonable questions, considering the role technology plays in todays society.

The Internet and Politics

:: Land that Job

Looking to hire? Looking for a new job? Check out this series Land that Job -

If you have decided that working in a call center is the right career path for you, you should realize that you are not alone. The U.S. Department of Labor reported in 2006 that more than 385,000 workers across America find employment in call centers. How can you stand out from the crowd and secure the job of your choosing?

Land that Job Part 1

With 385,000 American workers in the call center industry, competition is intense for the most desirable positions. If you are fortunate enough to be called in for an interview for one of these posts, how can you prepare yourself so that you stand out from the crowd?

Land that Job Part II

:: Security Blog

Check out the latest Security Blog to stay up to date on the latest security news and information.

:: How to Price

While these articles are focuses on pricing software the principles can be applied to other goods as well. Small Businesses tend to undervalue their products and services.

How to Price
The Pricing Game

RSS Feed -

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