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:: Twitter for Business

Twitter put together a Twitter guide for Businesses.

Twitter is a communications platform that helps businesses and their customers do a number of useful things. As a business, you can use it to quickly share information with people interested in your company, gather real-time market intelligence and feedback, and build relationships with customers, partners and other people who care about your company.

:: Search Engine Optimization for PDFs

Google, Yahoo, and MSN can all spider and index text-based PDF files, and generally they rank quite well. PDF files can be used to seize top listings for important keywords and keyword phrases.

Search Engine Optimization for PDFs

:: Domains Selling Prices

Top Selling Domains:

1., $9.99 million
2., $9.5 million
3., $7.5 million
4., $5.1 million
5., $3 million
6., $2.75 million
7., $2.1 million
8., $1.8 million
9., $1.66 million
10., $1.5 million
10., $1.5 million

Source ABC

:: Great 3D Logos

I really like the look of these 3d business logos.

:: Repurposing Web Content in Different Formats

Repurposing content is not a terribly new concept. Webmasters that picked up on the trend have benefited from traffic surges for a while now. Repurposing content is all about presenting the same content in a variety of different ways, or using different mediums to present the same content. Webmasters can manipulate content in order to provide the same content in any number of different formats.

Why would publishers want to do this? There are a number of benefits to repurposing content, not the least of which is that it allows customers to select the format they wish to access your information. Additionally, repurposing content often does not require a lot of extra time, expense, or additional effort. The content itself already exists -- the format is just different. Additionally, there are a number of software tools available that can assist users in easily repurposing the content.

The following are different ways to repackage existing content or to present content in a different format...

:: Google Tech Company or Ad Company?

The amazing thing about Google is how a business that makes 97 percent of its revenue selling advertising has people convinced that it is a technology company. And then gets a free pass despite a series of failures outside its core competencies in search and online ad sales.

Right now, Google seems to be flooding the market with products that are not quite finished. People do not care because the products work well enough and are free. But, suppose people had to pay for them? Then where would Google be?

complete article

:: Twitter Mistakes

Jason VanOrden posted a great report about common Twitter Mistakes

80% of Twitter Users Fail to Provide a Homepage URL
76% of Twitter Users Fail to Enter their Bio in the Profile
69% of Twitter Users Have Not Specified a Location

:: Business Logos

Logos for business, establish an online identity.

A logo is a design, graphical representation, image or symbol that represents a business or organization. Logos were initially used to distinguish and differentiate products, the logos assisted purchasers in finding the product they prefer or have come to trust (or not trust). When product selections were limited and items were marked with a logo which a consumer was familiar they would naturally assume a certain level of quality or value, even if they had not previously used that specific product from that vendor. Now many companies not only have a corporate logo, but they have a logo to represent each of their products or product lines.

What Makes a Good Logo?

:: SwapAGift

07/07/2009, the leading internet website for exchanging gift cards for cash, today announced that they now offer their service in over 600 agent locations nationwide. Partnering with consumer financial service centers around the country, consumers have the ability to receive cash on the spot for unwanted gift cards.

:: Repurposing Content

Repurposing content is not a terribly new concept. Webmasters that picked up on the trend have benefited from traffic surges for a while now. Repurposing content is all about presenting the same content in a variety of different ways, or using different mediums to present the same content. Webmasters can manipulate content in order to provide the same content in any number of different formats.

Repurposing Content

:: JavaScript Crawling

According to SearchEngineNews javascript links are now being crawled and they are passing on PageRank and anchor text. Keep in mind you may still want to avoid using javascript for links because other search engines still do not crawl or follow javascript links.

:: Businesses Going Green

A business that makes the decision to be environmentally-conscious will often promote goodwill among potential customers, while making the world a better place for future generations. Many businesses hesitate to adopt green practices because they fear it will hurt their bottom line and negatively impact profits. But many eco-conscious businesses discover that they can actually save money and bring in new customers who specifically patronize companies that actively make an effort to be environmentally friendly. Many customers may even be willing to pay a bit more for a product or service from a company that is green.

Businesses Going Green

:: Internet Issues Raised with Jackson Death

The internet suffered a number of slowdowns as people the world over rushed to verify accounts of the death of Michael Jackson. Search giant Google confirmed to the BBC that when the news first broke it feared it was under attack.

Millions of people who searched for the stars name on Google News were greeted with an error page. It warned users your query looks similar to automated requests from a computer virus or spyware application.

complete article

:: Twitter Tips

Here are my Twitter Tips:

#1. Choose an avatar that incorporates your personality, use an eye catching image that will draw positive attention.
#2. Understand the Twitter culture before you dive in.
#3. Tweet on a regular basis.

According to PC Mag these are the tips they provide for beginners:

Shrink Your URLs
RT = Retweet
Direct Messaging
Use the @ Sign
Search For Your Friends
Categorize Your Tweets for Added Exposure
Share Pictures
Tweet from Your Phone
Pick a Good Desktop Client
Download a Mobile Client

:: ABCs of RSS Feeds

ABCs of RSS Feeds - Implementing RSS (Really Simple Syndication) can be aided by an understanding of the terms relating to RSS. Learn the ABCs of RSS....

:: Establish a New Look

Find a Logo for your business. This website contains a variety of business logos for building brand.

:: Tips for Creating Powerful PowerPoint Presentations

Presentations are an integral and important part of any business. Whether designed for training purposes, introducing new products, or discussing corporate hierarchy, PowerPoint presentations serve a valuable purpose in both the business world and in the educational fields. In order to maximize a presentation's impact, it needs to be polished and well executed. The following tips can aid you in taking your PowerPoint presentation to the next level.

Tips for Creating Powerful PowerPoint Presentations

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