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:: Keyword Research

May 31, 2004 - June 1, 2004
When optomizing a website it is important to do your homework on keywords. If you optimize for a phrase but the phrase is rarely searched on your site is unlikely to receive significant traffic. Make a list of the words and phrases that you feel represent your product or service and enter them into the following sites, to generate a list of popular keyword phrases.
Google -
Overture -
Word Tracker -

:: Inc. 500

May 28-29, 2004
The Inc. 500 recognizes the 500 fastest growing private companies in America. Since the list began 22 years ago, it has become the leading barometer of entrepreneurial vitality in the U.S. It is seen by more than 1.5 million readers annually and receives wide press coverage.

The 2004 Inc. 500 application is now available. Apply Now!

:: Proogle

May 26-27, 2004
Proogle is back up and running. Slight modifications have been made but the site allows you to search on terms, results returned are Google's and show the sites PR in addition to its position.

:: Article - Email Management

May 24-25, 2004
If you utilize a computer at home or work it is likely that you use email. Email is an electronic message that is sent from one computer to another following a specific protocol (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol or SMTP). As email's popularity has grown so too have the inherent problems with email. .... more on Email Management

:: Article - The Value of Online Forums

May 21, 2004
There are literally thousands of online forums that cover a wide range of topics. Forums provide individuals, who share a common interest, with a meeting place for open discussion, and a great gathering spot for "water cooler" talk. When used properly forums can be an excellent business tool and resource. By providing well thought out, helpful responses posters can develop a reputation as an industry expert. Establishing a reputation within forums will eventually lead to solid business contacts and relationships. .... more on the Value of Online Forums

:: Goals

May 20, 2004
Consider establishing business goals that can be defined and refined as your business changes. Adhere to a schedule and modify the schedule as your business needs change. Define both short and long term goals, by having a clear understanding of what you want to accomplish you will be able to effectively measure your successes along the way.

:: Forum Directory

May 17-19 2004
As we've seent he popularity of the Small Business Forum grow we've reached out to other forums. Creating a forum directory, with specialized forums. Send us an email if you have any additions for the Small Business Forum Directory .

:: Preparation

May 15-16, 2004
Businesses and individuals alike have all grown to rely on computers. The reliance is never more apparent than when something happens to the horrid little box that makes our lives easier. We expect computers to react a certain way, in certain situations. It nearly always comes as a surprise when the beloved little box, know as a computer, refuses to boot up. Probably even more shocking, is the dawning that we've neglected to backup or prepare for the unforeseen disaster that has just been thrust upon us. ..... Prepare for a computer disaster!

:: What Not to Do!

May 13-14, 2004
Black hat search engine optimization, is the term for tricks employed to increase search engine ranking. The tricks are considered spam by search engines and will increase the likelihood of sites being banned from the index. In order to ensure that you are not penalized become familiar with black hat SEO.

:: Marketing Extremes

May 12, 2004
If you read the Small Business Forum you've likely read the story about the gentleman selling his ex-wifes wedding dress on ebay for three times its cost. The gentleman had a very funny sense of humor and continued to be self-deprecating attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors to the auction. He has taken his sense of humor on the road after his wedding dress launch see the Wedding Dress Guy!

:: Search Engine Contest

May 11, 2004
Search engine optimization experts are having fun with Google over the next two months. Self proclaimed search engine experts are having a contest read this article to get up to speed on Nigritude Ultramarine .

:: Report Software Piracy

May 10, 2004
There are several kinds of software piracy. One kind of software piracy is hacking into software and disabling the copy protection. Software pirates then distribute or sell the hacked software. The developer does not receive any money for the software the hacker distributed. This is an infringement on the developer's copyright. Another technique used by hackers is to illegally obtain a registered copy of software. Pirates purchase the software once and use it on multiple computers. Purchasing software with a stolen credit card is another form of software piracy. Unfortunately there are many kinds of software piracy that has slowed the industry's growth.

If you know of an individual or business pirating software please consider reporting it ...

:: Holiday Pre-Planning

May 6-9, 2004
First off happy mother's day to all the small business Mom's. These holidays occur on a regular basis but few busineses take advantage of the minor holidays as a way to increase business. Nearly every business can use these holidays to promote specific products or discounts. Lets think for a moment. How can you use the holiday to a business advantage? Here are some ideas for future holidays:

- buy one for yourself, get one free for your Mom
- for the month of may Mom's receive a 10% discount
- all Mom's receive flowers with the purchase of (fill in the blank)
- 1/2 price for Moms
- an extra $ 10.00 gives your Mom membership too!
- a box of chocolates for your Mom if you upgrade
- a $ 5.00 donation is made to Mothers Against Drunk Driving with every purchase

Clearly the offers can be modified to suit nearly any business need or holiday. Take this as the opportunity to celebrate the holidays with your customers!

:: Vote for Your Favorite Software !

May 5, 2004
Voting is now open for the People's Choice awards. The voting for the 2004 SIAF People's Choice Awards has begun!! The Shareware Industry Award Foundation honors software that is considered the 'best' by users. Vote for your favorites! Voting will continue until 12 Noon MDT on May 31st. 2004. Voting sites are on CNET, Simtel, and Tucows, as well as on the SIAF site.

The voting link to use is: Vote Now!

:: Collection of Tools

May 4, 2004
Search Engine Tools includes collection of free PHP based tools that were created for the Internet community. The Google Adsense charts are really impressive. Track historical search engine result placement data for any keyword/URL combo you choose. The site really contains some powerful information.

:: Forum Directory

May 3, 2004
We are working on creating a forum directory! If you know of any forums that should be included, they should be active and contain quality information. The forum directory will be focussed on marketing, business forums, and software forums. Email us your suggestions!

:: Marketing Resource

May 1-2, 2004
While the focus of this site is on software marketing, nearly any webmaster will benefit from the sites content and articles. Software Marketing Resource is a free site that contains information related to search engines, general marketing and promotion.


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