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:: Politics and the Internet

Can, and will, the next generation of politicians exploit the communication mediums available to them? Will the new communication mediums have the power to influence public opinion? Will politicians be the victims of technology, or will they use it to their benefit? Will one party benefit from the use of the technology more than another? All reasonable questions, considering the role technology plays in todays society.

The Internet and Politics

:: Land that Job

Looking to hire? Looking for a new job? Check out this series Land that Job -

If you have decided that working in a call center is the right career path for you, you should realize that you are not alone. The U.S. Department of Labor reported in 2006 that more than 385,000 workers across America find employment in call centers. How can you stand out from the crowd and secure the job of your choosing?

Land that Job Part 1

With 385,000 American workers in the call center industry, competition is intense for the most desirable positions. If you are fortunate enough to be called in for an interview for one of these posts, how can you prepare yourself so that you stand out from the crowd?

Land that Job Part II

:: Security Blog

Check out the latest Security Blog to stay up to date on the latest security news and information.

:: How to Price

While these articles are focuses on pricing software the principles can be applied to other goods as well. Small Businesses tend to undervalue their products and services.

How to Price
The Pricing Game

:: Adobe Contemplating Move to Software as a Service

Adobe plans to shift its business away from selling boxed software to a web-based distribution model.

Chief executive Bruce Chizen told the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco that money could be charged for subscriptions or raised by selling advertising, a model that has recently been revisited by Microsoft.

Could this change the way software is sold?

:: Create RSS Feeds

In need of software to create rss feeds? This software is very easy to use it has a Windows and Mac version and a number of PHP scripts are available that assist with displaying and managing RSS feeds.

:: RSS Feeds and the Impact on Industries

RSS Feeds are becoming critical to struggling businesses, in their attempt to survive. This article lays out how Real Estate Offices are using RSS to survive.

RSS feeds are becoming an essential tool for realtors, who are struggling in a declining market. Real estate offices that adopt technology as a marketing tool will remain one step ahead of their competition.

Real Estate and RSS Feeds

:: How to Select a Company or Product Name?

This is a great no-nonsense guide to selecting a company or product name.

When building a business there is little more important than selecting an appropriate company or product name. Names can be distinctive, unique or descriptive.

How to Select a Company or Product Name?

:: Small Business Grants

10/15/2007 has compiled agencies by state that may give you a government grant loan. This site has a wealth of information for funding your business wherever you are located.

:: Webmaster Templates

Huge selection of webmaster templates. Easy to edit and customize HTML web templates. Subscribe and download an unlimited number of web templates for the specified period of time. Downloads include HTML layouts, CSS files, and graphics.

Webmaster Templates

:: Basic Color Theory

It is important to understand how the color has been used in a political and historical context as well as how it has been used in past and current trends. Religious and mythical implications can also effect the use of a color. Even linguistic usage (i.e. phrases like “in the red,” and “moody blues”) will affect how people view a color.

Basic Color Theory

:: Social Bookmarking Quiz

Test your knowledge of social bookmarking, social networks and the collective voice. Take the social bookmarking quiz!

:: Technology and Politics

Americans have always had a say in their government, at least in theory. Since the Treaty of Paris was signed in 1783, the United States of America has been the “land of opportunity,” where even a lowly log-splitter, exercising sufficient brains and dedication, can raise himself to the highest executive office. The U.S. Constitution safeguards the right to vote for every citizen over eighteen years of age, with few exceptions, ensuring a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Nevertheless, only about half of eligible voters historically vote for their president. Those who do make it to the polls are more educated than unschooled, more white than black, more men than women, more wealthy than poor, and more old than young.

Technology and Politics

:: What Makes a Good Logo

A logo is a design, graphical representation, image or symbol that represents a business or organization. Logos were initially used to distinguish and differentiate products, the logos assisted purchasers in finding the product they prefer or have come to trust (or not trust).

What Makes a Good Logo

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