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:: Personal Credit Impacts Small Business Loans

Unlike the CEOs of major public companies, whose personal financial situation has little effect on their companies borrowing, if you are a small business owner, your personal credit is a major factor influencing your companys access to capital. The power of personal credit scores to predict small business loan repayment, the legal structure of many small businesses, and small business owners’ use of personal guarantees and personal borrowing to finance business operations, all link small business owners personal credit to their companies’ access to capital.

Many, if not most, lenders will look at your personal credit score if you are a small business owner seeking a loan for your company. A 2006 report written for the U.S. Small Business Administration found that 71 percent of banks used small business owner credit scores when underwriting small business loans.

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:: Big Mistakes in Small Business

The successes and failures of others, can provide extremely valuable information to guide you on your path. So from my own experience and from the common stories I hear from being involved with over 4000 small business clients, I have compiled what I see as the five biggest mistakes people make when running a small businesses.

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:: Have a Clear Termination Policy

Firing an employee is often a manager's most dreaded task.

It is not only uncomfortable, but if not handled right it could lead to more than just hard feelings if an employee decides to take legal action.

Having a solid termination policy in place and following a few careful steps could help stave off potential problems.

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:: Small Businesses On The Go

Smartphones have become vital for on-the-go entrepreneurs. Apps aimed at small business owners allow them to pay bills, update websites, market their companies, reach out to customers and keep in touch with employees from anywhere. Some owners say their smartphones makes it easier for them to build a side business while keeping a full-time job or step away from the company when needed.

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:: How to Rewire Your Brain for Success

The latest neuroscience suggests you can literally edit your memory. Here is what this big breakthrough means for you.

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:: Consumer Education

Consumer education is something many small software companies tend to overlook. While the benefits of consumer education may not always be obvious, the fact of the matter is that educated customers are good customers, and happier customers. A customer who does not understand an applications capabilities or features is more likely to experience frustration with it, making them less satisfied with your product and also potentially draining your support time.

Consumer Education

:: 20 Tools to Outfit Your Small Business

Small businesses need to consider their tech purchases just as carefully as enterprises do. A single doctor medical practice must comply with the same stringent patient-privacy regulations as the largest hospital. Run a two-person bakery or a small auto repair shop? In addition to tending to bread and brakes, you still need a solution for managing your finances and customer information, just like a major retail chain does. Moonlight as a club DJ? You need to know the best tech for storing your jams, and what service will help you quickly recover your data if your storage hardware gets hosed, just like a Fortune 500 company does.

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:: Financial Advice for Small Business Owners

But there are some smart things that small business owners should consider doing now. Here’s my top 3 tips:

1.  Access Capital Now
2.  Engage Rather Than Employ
3.  Have a Lean Start-Up

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:: 50th Anniversary of Small Business Administration

The Small Business Administration or SBA is celebrating its 50th Anniversary!

:: Outstanding Leadership Traits

While great leaders do a tremendous amount of thinking, that thinking happens behind the scenes. In the moment, in the trenches, when people look to them and need them most, they act: swiftly, decisively, and confidently.

Want to become a truly outstanding leader? Work hard to do these eight things naturally, automatically, and instinctively.

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:: 15 Ways to Find More Time To Think

Most of us are not that talented. We could use a little white space in our lives that we can fill with new ideas.

Lets talk about the 15 ways you could carve out more time to think, ideas suggested to me by some of the most successful entrepreneurs I know.

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:: Discounting Tips

Discounting is a tried and true way to attract business, both satisfying your customers and increasing your profits. However, there is more of a science to discounting than one might initially think. Understanding this art is critical to offering the most successful discounts and obtaining optimal results.

Discounting Tips

:: Tips for Branding

Years of experience helping small businesses develop and market engaging brands have taught me some valuable lessons about which strategies are most successful.

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:: Small Business Awards and Events

Want to continue building your skills and those of your team?  What about networking with colleagues, peers and potential customers?

Alright, we know you want to get involved and not stay stagnant.  So we have created this handpicked list of upcoming small business events online and also in the real world as well as relevant awards programs.  

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:: Avoid These Five Common Small Business Accounting Mistakes

Keeping the books is one of the more challenging aspects of running a company. It is also one of the most important. Accounting errors can be damaging even fatal to businesses, but mistakes are surprisingly common. Here is how to avoid five of the most common accounting mistakes that plague small businesses.

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:: Simple, Elegant and Brilliant Product Designs

Check out these simple but brilliant product designs!

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