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:: Halloween Has Become a Business!

Not only can you purchase Halloween costumes and decorations, you can brand your business for the holidays, you can spice up marketing materials with Halloween photos or you can put together a scarey PowerPoint Presentation with these Halloween PowerPoint Templates.

:: Halloween Web Elements - Put Your Business in the Holiday Mood!

Halloween Web Elements - includes HTML Templates, logos, and royalty free stock photos all related to Halloween.

:: Industry Code of Ethics Online

An Internet industry code of ethics intended to safeguard online freedom of speech around the world is to be adopted this week by technology titans including Google, Yahoo and Microsoft.

The code of ethics is a voluntary framework to help protect people who express opinions online in countries such as China, where talk of democracy or criticism of the Communist government is treated as criminal behavior.

Yahoo launched the talks with industry partners, academics, human rights groups and investors to promote a code of behavior for global technology and communication companies operating in challenging markets.

:: ABCs of Search Engine Optimization

Use the alphabet to figure out Search Engine Optimization.

ABCs of Search Engine Optimization

:: Halloween Website for Small Businesses

Change the look of your website for the holidays. Check out these Halloween Web Templates:

:: Halloween Logos

Get into the holiday spirit with Halloween Logos check out the great collection on Logo Search!

:: Technology Keeps Families Close

According to the BBC

Technology is helping families stay in touch like never before, says a report.

Instead of driving people apart, mobile phones and the net are helping them maintain social ties, says the Pew Internet report.

Families are also among the keenest users of technology, the survey of 2,252 Americans revealed.

It found that using the net was often a social activity within families, with 51% of parents saying they browsed the web with their children.

complete article

:: Financial Web Sites Traffic Booming

The financial crisis has people flocking to the Internet for the latest money news along with tips on how to salvage investments and save on the routine costs of living.
Visits to websites such as the business-centric Wall Street Journal and economy-focused Yahoo Finance set new records as the US Congress grappled with its 700 billion dollar plan to stop credit markets from imploding.

Internet tracker comScore says visits to, which steers drivers to stations featuring low fuel prices, are up nearly 30 percent and it expects to report spikes in traffic to finance and bargain-hunter websites when September statistics are calculated later this week.

complete article

:: EU Trying To Increase Online Shopping

The European Commission has unveiled proposals to give more rights to consumers shopping online across the borders of the 27-nation EU.

The proposals aim to boost online shopping in Europe to allow people to take advantage of cheaper prices during the economic crisis.

The commission is asking EU governments to give consumers a two-week cooling-off period to back out of a sale.

Consumers could also get the right to a refund for delayed deliveries.

EU Changes Rules for Online Shopping

:: Ebay Cutting Jobs While Performing Better than Expected

EBay Inc plans to cut its workforce by 10 percent and expects to exceed its third-quarter earnings forecast, the online auction Web site said on Monday as its shares rose nearly 2 percent in pre-market trading.

:: When Requesting Links

Link building is an important aspect of search engine optimization. Search engines view a link as a vote of confidence in a website or webpage. The more links from related sources the greater the webpages importance.

When requesting links, use an email template that can be easily customized for specific requests. To locate prospective link partners, search Google or Yahoo for related keywords or phrases.

When Requesting Links

:: Business CD Collections


Web Design Elements CD ROMs include themed collections of HTML web templates, stock photographs and logos.

Themes available currently include:
Animals - Dogs, Horses, Pets, and Wildlife
Dating - Dating and Valentines
Education - Education
Flowers - Florists and Gardening
Financial- Financial
Health - Medical and Healthcare
Holiday - Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentines
Nature - Nature, Sunrise and Sunsets
Nautical - Marine
Real Estate - Homes and Realty
Religious - Religion
Sports - Water Themed Sports

Toss together promotional marketing material or a website easily!

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