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:: 10 Podcasting Tips

What defines a good podcast? Make no mistake -- there is a difference between a good podcast and a not-so-good podcast. A high-caliber podcast is much more than just decent content. The sound quality, and the way a podcast is recorded, will impact the value of the podcast as well. Podcast structure and pre-planning are also important; do not skimp on the production, as it too can make or break a podcast.

10 Podcasting Tips

:: Tips for Creating a Real Estate Video Podcast

The use of technology can define the success or failure of a business. This is no more evident than in the real estate industry. Realtors who flocked to the latest technologies, adopted them, and applied them in order to enhance and sell property, are still prospering.

Tips for Creating Real Estate Video Podcasts

:: Virtual Customer Loyalty

German company wants to bring customer loyalty cards to the Internet while also making it easier for people to log in into multiple Web sites.

Loyalty card programs offer customers incentives based on repeat purchases in a network of merchants. For example, a customer may earn bonus points for purchases and those points can be used at other retailers participating in the loyalty card program. This drives business to noncompeting retailers within the network.

:: 12 Tips To Protect Personal Info During Tax Season

With tax season nearing its height and millions of Americans filing taxes electronically, security software vendor Identity Finder offers some basic tips on how taxpayers can protect their personal information.

Identity Finders products scour computers for personal information and provide users with options to protect that information. Although the companies tips may seem obvious, identity theft is a growing problem.

12 Tips To Protect Personal Info During Tax Season

:: How to Avoid Dumb Tax Filing Mistakes

When it comes to filing your income tax return, it is usually the little things that trip you up. Unfortunately, stupid mistakes pretty much guarantee your return will be put on the fast track for an audit.

How to Avoid Dumb Mistakes on Tax Returns

:: Software Industry Conference

Sign up now for the Software Industry Conference. The Software Industry Conference will be held July 17-19, 2008 in Boston Massachusetts. The conference will feature discussions geared to software marketers and developers. The 3-day conference includes exhibits and an awards ceremony as well as 3 days filled with topical panel sessions. There is an early bird discount available until April 1st for attendees who register early.

:: Sites That Will Make Your Day

Over the last few years the microISV industry has started seeing a new way to sell their software - deal of the day sites. These sites work basically the same: entice impulse shoppers with a hefty discount on one or two products a day.

But do these sites work? Are customers okay with one day sales? And should you as a microISV associate with a software discounter?

Judging by the first-hand reports posted by microISV founders at the Business of Software forum, the answers are yes, yes and yes!

More on Sites That Will Make Your Day

:: What is Your Websites Sale Purpose

When designing a website, it is important that webmasters ask some general questions before they begin the design process...

Website Sales Purpose

:: Web Design Elements

Web Design Elements is designed specifically for small businesses, each CD contains a themed collection of web templates, layouts, images, logos, and photographs all related to a central theme. CDs are perfect for small businesses, needing to create a website, or promotional materials. CD collections include:

Flower Themes for florists, gardeners or landscapers.
Equestrian Themes for riding stables, horse shows, and barns.
Dating Themes for online dating or other matchmaking services.
Nature Collection for nature lovers, or scenic personal websites.
Nautical Theme for fishing companies, charter services or marinas.
Sunrise and Sunset Themes for travel companies.

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