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:: Customer Testimonials and Profiles

Testimonials are essentially 3rd-party endorsements for a product or service. Potential customers will often look for testimonials when faced with a purchasing decision. Customer testimonials can increase sales closing rates by removing uncertainty and instilling confidence in the customer. Additionally, testimonials that describe solutions for real-life problems can be very well received by others that may be struggling with similar issues.

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:: 14 Ways to Get More Done!

Do not think it is possible because you're already working in overdrive? Here is a new way to look at your to-do list.

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:: 20 Teens Getting $100,000 to Drop Out

A look at the next wave of grant recipients in tech investor Peter Thiels fellowship program.

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:: Does Google+ Matter for Small Businesses

On the heels of the Google I-O announcement today of a refresh of the Google+ platform, just as Google+ prepares to turn two years old, Reuters reported that major brands like Dominos and McDonalds have largely ignored the social network to date, preferring instead to focus on the big guns of Facebook and Twitter.

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:: 3 Games to Generate Business Ideas

Creativity is a skill that can be developed with practice and dedication. It’s about solving problems and refusing to take no for an answer. The most creative people I know ignore what’s widely accepted in favor of the unconventional.

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:: Entrepreneurs Bring Comparison

Three entrepreneurs are hoping that their comparison site for small shopkeepers will bring transparency to wholesaling.

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:: Three Long Tail Keyword Basics

Have you ever hit a brick wall with blog content or expanding your audience reach? Marketers tend to spend a lot of time on ranking for general keywords, and as time passes by they realize that is what everyone else is doing, including the competition! Placing an emphasis on long tail keywords might be your solution. These keyword phrases are the foundation of what your website is built on and helps search engines understand the purpose of your content.

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:: What to Tweet?

Businesses are flocking to Twitter, but many lack an understanding of the medium and do not know what to tweet. Here are a some tips for businesses that are on Twitter and interested in using the medium to build their brand:

What to Tweet?

:: Branding

Branding is much more complex than one might first imagine. It can even be considered both an art and a science. The objective of effective branding is to evoke in consumers a certain emotion when they see a name brand or an image associated with that brand. To establish consistently the desired implicit associations in consumers regarding one's brand, one must take control of the shaping of their brand's reputation and go about branding mindfully. To execute this, consider these tips for successful branding.


:: Internet Sales Tax

Many online purchases could soon be more expensive, if a long-debated Internet sales tax law advances through Congress.

The law would allow 45 states and the District of Columbia to demand that online retailers collect sales tax on purchases. Estimates are that consumers would be spending between $12 billion to $23 billion more a year due to the increased tax collection.

Here is what you need to know about the current law on online purchase and what would happen under the legislation:

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:: Small Businesses Take on Minimum Wage

Small businesses represent 99.7 percent of all employer firms in this country. They pay nearly half of the U.S. private sector payroll and have created two out of every three net new jobs over the past couple decades.

Put simply, small businesses are our economy. Given that it is still recovering, the economy needs all the help it can get to make it over the proverbial hump and flourish. Small businesses will play a key part in that journey.

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:: Boston is Special

Idealistic, hard-working, creative, community-minded entrepreneurs are the Bostonians of the business world -- friendly and happy, no-nonsense and strong.

Boston strong.

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:: Why Reading is Important


Why Reading is Important Cartoon

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